You have the worst luck of anyone I know


A college friend made this comment to me at the end of our senior year.

You have the worst luck of anyone I know.

I'm sure he meant it only as an observation, and not as an insult of any kind. I recall laughing off the comment, thinking that it wasn't true. I wish I had been more cognizant of my life and its quirks, as I wouldn't have brushed off the comment as quickly as I had. At this point, I completely agree with Mark. Yes, yes, I do have the worst luck of anyone you know.

That I have been as successful as I am despite this is likely a testament to either my oblivious nature, my refusal to acknowledge the shitty luck, my acceptance of the shit luck and determination to keep going, or the fact that I used up every ounce of good luck when I chose my parents and genes at birth.

Given that the last one is pure chance, let's just go with it.