My Kingdom for an I


After dinner tonight, Matthew, Claire, and I played a game of Scrabble.

For the record, I am not good at Scrabble. Yes, I can find words easily, I can often make 5 or 6 letter words. What I can't do is find words that are strategically good or positions for the words I do make or calculate the statistically feasibility of my getting that ONE MORE LETTER I NEED to make a 7 letter word.

I just like to make words from letters. The License Plate Torture game CLEARLY shows this.

In my effort of saying yes to social activities with my friends, even when I what I really want to do is hermit with a book or laptop, despite my clear Scrabble handicap, I said yes to this game.

And managed these opening tiles:

I nearly forgot there was an X, with this brilliant set of tiles.

My kingdom for an I.

Behold! My breakfast!


Watching other people's lives, being a part of them, is such as wonderful experience. Given that I find mornings very very difficult, that other people BOUNCE OUT OF BED and have time to make breakfast in the morning that isn't just milk poured over cereal, I find amazing.

Such as with Matthew and Claire.

Behold! My breakfast this morning!

Of note, ahhhhhhhh, why am I up at 7:30?

Yeah, just F that S


I put not much into this one. Fucking migraine.


Though, you have to admit, not a completely bad design given the headache I have right now.

Update: Matthew thinks grey would be good, so now available in asphalt, too:




Matthew and Claire helped me with this one. Though I have a folder full of ideas, I was uninspired by all of them. Friends to the rescue!

All caught up and back on track for the design a day!