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Night before my workshop. No, I'm not completely and totally nervous, why do you asK?



I went for a walk around downtown Milwaukee today. I've been working on my workshop examples, having arrived a day early because of my typical travel karma. I'm enjoying the time to go over the material again, but the stomach demands, so the rest of me complies and off for a walk I went.

For the parts I saw, I can say that Milwaukee is a lovely city. I had a great conversation with my driver last night (at midnight, no less), and with several other people here, so the people are Midwestern friendly as I'd expect them to be.

What I find most interesting in a delightful way is ALL THE INDIANA LIMESTONE.

I am such a sucker for the old architecture made with the limestone.

Of course, there's the flip side of the limestone:

Mixed poorly, it makes crappy cement.

Off to Milwaukee


Yep, my travel karma is back. I need to have Claire chuck it out the window again so that I can start over with naked travel karma.

I poorly timed calling for a car to the airport. Instead of taking the 10 minutes I was expecting, it took 30 minutes for the driver to arrive. Coupled with his distractedly driving and his slow speeds, I arrived at the airport 20 minutes before boarding began. TSA was surprisingly efficient with the opt-out "assist," the woman was available to walk me to the back before my luggage had made it through the x-ray machine. One of these days, I'm going to put a bunch of embarrassing things in my suitcase, just the embarrassing things, overfilled, just to watch the x-ray watcher's reactions.