Mirabelle visit


Mirabelle stopped by this morning to visit with me. She sent her mother off after about ten minutes, letting her know that she would be fine, mostly by saying, "Ma! Ma? Ma. Ma. Ma! Ma?"

Mirabelle started her visit, once again, by inspecting the cleanliness of our kennels. Once she peered in, however, she discovered we actually keep dogs in our kennels. A surprise to her to be sure. Annie came out to greet her.

Mistaking Annie for a daemon, and feeling a little nervous, Mirabelle decided the best course of action was to perform an in-house rain dance, complete with sticks and drums. She set up her bowls, turned them upside down, and began a one-time-only ritual drumming.

A good first step, but the natives were still restless. What better way to sooth the savage beast than with food? And where better to find food than an organic garden? Where, indeed.

Mirabelle was incredibly giving with the tomatoes. Once I pulled a few off the vine for her and handed them to the dogs through the fence, she picked on the process very quickly, pulling her own tomatoes off the vine, then picking off the stems before handing the tomato through the fence.

We stopped when she started going after my bell peppers. Hey, they're red, too.

There just aren't as many of them.

After the feedings, Mirabelle confirmed the savage beasts were, indeed, soothed, by threatening to wrestle Annie.

Soon after the dog wrastlin', incident, we went off for lunch. Mirabelle was playing it coy.

More cute girl



When will the owners^H^H^H^H^H^H parents of other cute kids send me pictures of them?

No, really with the sausage


Megan and Mirabelle came over to follow up on my best friend EVER nomination. While Megan had her massage, Mirabelle and I played, mostly walking up and down one stair, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

At one point, Megan handed Mirabelle one of the sausages left at the communal dinner. After a few moments, we realized that Mirabelle was much better at coordinating the sausage transfer:

Clearly twice as sexy


Roshan heard that babies are chick magnets. In an attempt to realize this potential, he walks around with Danger and Mirabelle every chance he gets.

My only suggestion would be to ask non-married women to enhance his chick-magnet technique.

Little girl


You know, sometimes you just need a picture of a cute little girl. Today, I needed one.

I'm volunteering Mirabelle for the job, as she's adorable. No one can complain: I don't have any pictures of Sophie or Alice.

Mirabelle sitting!


Mirabelle self portraitMirabelle came over today and spent part of the afternoon with me. We had a deep discussion about the meaning of life, followed by a long and involved argument on the proper way to pronounce "doggie." I'm convinced the word starts with a D, but she insisted it started with an M and sounded something like "meemeemeemee!"

After our long and sometimes bitter arguments, we decided to take a walk. We tooled around the block, then around another one when I realized that the reason I had won the "It's not too cold!" argument was because Mirabelle had fallen asleep.

After a short nap, on Mirabelle's part, I only wished I had napped, we went into the garden to check out the soil, eat rocks and throw tomatoes at the dogs, who promptly ate our ammo.

Megan stopped us from eating too many rocks, showing up just as we thinking of trying the sticks. She and Mirabelle then said their goodbyes and dashed up north for Mirabelle's Great Grandma's birthday.

A brief, but pleasant, visit from the littlest Smith.

Mirabelle at Regionals.


She decided that the cell phone was the tastiest thing ever.

Then proceeded to slobber all over it.

Communal deenar


Went to communal dinner tonight. Mike leaves tomorrow morning, so I'm not completely sure spending four hours socializing will help my stress levels over the next few days.

Christina made a wonderful cold pasta sauce, which was good on Chookie and Martha's homemade pasta. The house is getting really good at making pasta (the kitchen aid pasta maker attachment being key to the growing talent). Christina set the pasta theme, so I volunteered to make tiramisu. Having not made tiramisu in nearly eight years, my tiramisu making skills are, uh, rusty, and, well, a little disasterous.

That, and I haven't made tiramisu for more than 6 people before. The ingredients I recall using before appararently were a fad, disappearing from the grocery shelves as the fickle fashion of coffee drinkers changes. I couldn't find some of the espresso crystals I used before, so substituted instant coffee, which was much stronger than I realized.