Close Enough


Years and years and years ago, I was having some conversation with John Schmidt about I have no idea what but it had something to do with cars and fixing something or other. I vaguely recall he was talking about a friend he had a crush on, but I could have that part muddled with other memories.

Yeah, so we had been talking about fixing something, repairing something, and he was telling me about changing the oil in his car and how he was struggling to remove the oil filter. The filter had been tightened beyond spec, and he just COULD. NOT. TWIST. IT. OFF. The engine had been leaking, the filter had oil on it, he didn't have the right tools, the car wasn't up on a ramp, all sorts of things wrong with this situation and removing that oil filter.

Moleskine Quality Assurance stickers


In each pack of two pocket sized Moleskines, there's a Moleskine brochure and a quality assurance sticker. The first one I noticed I stuck in the first page of the book. The next couple I received I thought, "Cute. Blue," stuck the sticker in the book, made a note that it cracked me up, and that's about it. Today, as I went to pick out my next everyday book color, I noticed the sticker was green. It prompted me to look at the stickers in the other books.

They have different patterns.

As it should be


Since I'm heading down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I don't expect to have any working electronics. I had thought about bringing my sidekick down with me, but its need to sync everything, even when the network and wireless are off, means the battery won't last more than 10 minutes on the trip.

So, I'm taking a moleskine.

Yes, I've finally broken down and decided to use a moleskine.

I've had them since Christmas, when I impulsively asked Kris to buy me a set of three, 64 page grid moleskines. I had them in my box of paperwork this whole time, minus the one I gave Mom earlier this month. It's small, so I feel like it's a small deck of index cards (and way way way way smaller than my usual 1.5" stack of index cards, that's for sure).