I think I've decided on the n, x and t


Okay, after pondering it for a bit (hello, overnight) and receiving a few suggestions from friends (looking at you, Chookie, with <3), I have decided my next "n {tasks} in n {time unit, plural}" goal is going to be 7 chapters in 7 days of this next book (as in writing it, not reading it), so that I can finish it, jam a stick in the ground, and say, "Done."

I'm tempted to follow Chookie's suggestion of "7 dinner parties in 7 nights," because that idea is awesome. I would manage to have dinner with 35 friends and new friends in one week and that sounds wonderful. I can't do that this week, since I'd have to find 35 people and plan 7 meals, but I'm really interested in this idea. Might have to try it in 2-3 weeks...

n {task} in n {time unit, plural}


I've been contemplating my next n {tasks} in n {time unit, plural} goal. Something like "7 themes in 7 days" or "30 web applications in 30 days" or "10 tutorials in 10 days," or similar. I've mentioned this contemplation to a few people, all of whom have been confused by the idea. First question asked every time has been, "Why?"



Because it's a challenge. Because it's hard. Because it's outside of my comfort zone. Because it forces me to be organized and intense with my time.

I could likely come up with another 10 reasons (oooooooo! 10 reasons in 10 minutes, why this is a good idea), but it all boils down to because I want to do it.