Oliphest 2016 continues!


Next up for our hallway-conversations-only, all-inclusive Oliphest conference was, of course, RAMEN!

I had been to this particular ramen shop before, when Matthew and Kristin were doing their Ramen Show podcast episode here. I recall being puzzled at the menu. I was puzzled again today. These things happen. I'm used to Ryowa's menu: point to a picture, receive a bowl of delicious soup. It worked out, though. I managed to order.

This event was small, but we were able to add Kristin and John to our list of attendees. Good thing, too. Kristin has her interpretive dance tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. I needed to get the scoop on the details.

Oh, Wow!


Matthew took us to Guardian Games for this evening's conference entertainment. I had no idea what to expect, though, approaching the store to see this:

... I have to say, my hopes were up!

And then I walked in.

I walked into Guardian Games, and I heard celestial music. I saw the clouds part and the fucking light shine through into this building and I knew, I KNEW, I had landed somewhere close to heaven. I mean, just LOOK!

Oliphest 2016 - We're Off!


And we're off! Heading out for day one's Oliphest 2016 adventures. First up, the game store for tonight's entertainment.

Oliphest 2016 kicks off!


Today was the first full day of Oliphest 2016, the first annual Oliphant Festival. Originally conceived as a pottery-and-book exchange gathering of friends in Portland, other elements quickly emerged (such as the desire to have a conferences completely full of the hallway conversations that are "the best part" of larger conferences). Everyone quickly volunteered different events to have, and soon we realized we had our conference. The schedule is fluid, with a few fixed by external factors, such as another conference held in Portland the same weekend (which is to say, XOXO).

First up on the Oliphest schedule was waffles. I've been on a huge waffle kick, ever since having Saturday morning breakfast over at Shirley, Chris, and Penelope's house. Shirley has an adorable waffle maker, which I just lurve. It's smaller and easier to wield than my farm animals waffle maker (which I also simply lurrrrve), and so, more likely to be pulled out for quick meals.