Find files of a particular type in Finder


You sorta know the name of the file, and definitely know the file type, but can't seem to get Finder to return any result except mail messages, use kind:

See also, finding files of a particular type in a web search.

kitt logo kind:png 

Delete URLs from Chrome Autocomplete on OSX/macOS


On OSX/macosx, it isn't Shift-Delete on a laptop keyboard like all the docs say.

fn + shift + delete

Play audio file at faster than 1x speed


Sometimes you want to play a local audio file back faster than 1x speed. Can do!

In Finder, right click on the file, click Open With, then select QuickTime Player.app

option + click-on-fast-forward-button. This will increase playback by 0.1x each time.
option + right-arrow. This one increases from 1x to 2x to 5x.

Option + FF

Use Command as Meta for Emacs on OSX


Emacs 23 doesn't use Command ⌘ for the Meta keystroke, requiring using option / alt for the normal keystrokes. Blech. Fix that.

This rather assumes you're using the emacs from http://emacsformacosx.com.

Add this to your ~/.emacs

    (setq mac-option-key-is-meta nil)
    (setq mac-command-key-is-meta t)
    (setq mac-command-modifier 'meta)
    (setq mac-option-modifier nil)

Change OSX notification display time


Mac notifications disappear before I have a chance to view them. I'd like them to linger longer on the screen, so adjust the bannerTime value.

Of note, need to log out and back in for this to take affect.

$ defaults write com.apple.notificationcenterui bannerTime SECONDS

Remove extended attributes of OSX files


Remove extended attributes of mac OSX files

# Use the xattr command. You can inspect the extended attributes:
$ xattr s.7z
# and use the -d option to delete one extended attribute:
$ xattr -d com.apple.quarantine s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
# you can also use the -c option to remove all extended attributes:
$ xattr -c s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
# xattr -h will show you the command line options, and xattr has a man page.