Orleans Walk


Canadians are weird


Okay, it's 0°F, -18°C outside, and this guy is not only wearing shorts, he's wearing flipflops.

In the middle of winter.

In the middle of Canada.

Canadian in shorts in winter

Wait, did I say Canadians are weird?

I meant insane.

Figured out how to get warm here.


I finally figured out how to get warm in this area.

The trick is layers.

As in: underwear, long underwear, long pants, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, hoodie, full-length jacket and ANOTHER jacket on top of that.

Then, go indoors.

Finally, finally, FINALLY warm.

Kitt has layers

Until we go to the car.


Arrived in this foreign land


Jonathan and II have arrived in this strange northern land in a period of white. I shall observe the large male of the native dominant species and report back my findings.

Thus far today, said male seems to spend most of his day near motionless, staring at a large rectangular surface of bright moving lights, wiggling his figures on another surface full of squares. All of the surfaces display a small fruit symbol: based on the number of symbols, I believe the surfaces to be part of a larger shrine to the male's deity. I will need to explore this phenomena further.

The area itself is incredibly cold, below the freezing point of water, covered in a white to black surface that is also cold. I have donned the locals' style of dress to blend in: a fuzzy hood-lined, brown covering filled with the remnants of flying animals' insulation. I have not developed an allergy to the remnants, and appreciate the warmth of covering provides.

I have managed to prod the male into action, including a walk around his dwelling. He seems to enjoy the movement, emitting laughing noises and talking about his administrations on the surfaces with the markings. I shall win his trust and continue with the walks, even though the cold is nearly unbearable.