Find missing fonts in PSD


So, opening a new PSD file in Photoshop, and you get this error message:

"Some text layers contain fonts that are missing. These layers will need to have the missing fonts replaced before they can be used for vector based output."

And then, well, shoot, which fonts are missing? You can contact the client and ask for the list of all the fonts used, OR, you can ask Photoshop.

Click that OK button, then go to the top bar for the Font list:

Open up the list and scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST. Ugh. So. Many. Fonts.

At the very bottom, you'll see, greyed out, the list of fonts in this PSD that you don't have on your system.

Yeah, I was missing "Helvetica Neue LT Std". $29 and a few minutes later, I'm not.

P.S. Frutiger Ultra Black is still the best font on all the world.

Outlined / unfilled circle in photoshop


Create an outlined / unfilled circle in Photoshop if Illustrator isn't an open.

Take ellipse tool and drag it with holding shift key for any size you 
 want, anywhere in your document. 
Set its fill property to "0".
This creates the empty circle.
Now go to menus Layer --> Layer Style --> Stroke
A property window will open.
In that window, set circle's line properties as per your requirement.  In particular,
adjust the width of the line and the color.
As a side note, if you want to fill it then set its fill property to 100,
then write over the circle.