Sent when?


Wow, talk about a screwed up county (note the lack of R in that word before you start becoming annoyed). I keep thinking "there was a reason why my mom moved away, why do I keep trying to move back?" Of course, maybe I should be thinking, "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in," where "they" are my emotions and my inability to let go.

As most people have been, I've been tracking my finances closely for the last few months (my recent splurge and the accompanying guilt not withstanding), so when I have this big red warning that says "property taxes!" on my house, I pay attention.

I'd pay my bill, I've been trying to pay it for the last year or so, except that I can't. I don't know how much to pay.

Porter County hasn't actually sent a property tax bill for about a year and a half. Taxes there are paid in arrears in that county, after the year is over (instead of, say, wisely like California, where you pay up front for the right to live where you are). As a result, the 2007 taxes are billed in 2008.

Except, they weren't.

The 2007 taxes were JUST SENT OUT this week.

Well, once again, not quite.

They haven't been sent out, there was a "printing error" the county blamed on the printer, but they have been posted on the county's contracted website.

So, they send the taxes out late, then give everyone TWO WEEKS to pay their taxes before they start charging a late penalty. That's right. If you own property in Porter County, you have two weeks to pay your $3000 (sorry, was it $6000?) or you're smacked with a 10% late penalty.

Even credit card companies aren't that ruthless: they give you a 28 day grace period to pay up, and they don't charge you 10% up front immediately.

I have to say I there was a reason why nearly all of my relatives have fled that county. I have to wonder why I'm trying to go back.