Too many projects.


At some point, I need to realize (not just intellectually, but also emotionally) that I am not going to get everything done that I want to get done unless I have people help me. I suspect that means by paying them, which isn't a bad thing.

Current projects include:

  2. (website and pattern making software)
  3. /

And, of course, Books on CD lending library, gallery integration, OSCommerce integration, code download, links, on this date, and countdowns. I'm sure I'll think of more functionality to add to this site. I'm having too much fun not to add more.

Of course, after I get a couple of these started, I'll need to update to reflect the subsidiaries and companies of Hodsden Enterprises, Inc.

But that's just the web side of things. What about real life?

  1. Wedding plans
  2. Front yard
  3. Back yard
  4. Living room redo
  5. Office cleanup

So much to do.