Puuuuuuuuush Up Progress


So, how am I doing on that pushup goal that I set last September, of being able to do those 50 pushups in a row by June. Originally, I was doing 5 sets of knee pushups to failure, resting for 3 minutes between sets. Eventually, I managed around 40 on the first set, dropping to 32 on the fifth set, and I hated every session. Motivating myself to do the pushups became harder and harder. Eventually, my numbers started dropping, and I started skipping days.

On a whim, in a joke channel at (no longer current) work, I asked my coworkers earlier this year, "I'm working on 50 pushups in a row by June. I'm stalling out at 22 in a row. Any training techniques recommended to get me past this plateau?"

The first response was "Check your macros, brah, probably not getting enough protein."

[record scratch]

Girlie pushups


Adam Brown came over yesterday (geez, I feel like I'm always a day behind on posting). He stopped by to drop off a check for Regionals, and stayed long enough to chat. Somehow we landed on the topic of pushups, comparing regular pushups, and from-the-knees pushups.

From the knees? Adam asked. Pffft! They're easy!

Kris and I looked at each other, in that all knowing look that we have when someone asks, "How hard can it be?"

I laughed then, and said, sure, how about 200 girlie pushups?

Sure, why not, he answered, and dropped down to start them.

He made it to 40 before stopping.

Not so easy, eh?