So Long Suckah

When we first moved into the house, the front yard was a sea of bark surrounded by landmass of red volcanic rock buried by forests of jasmine. Sounds lovely doesn't it? It wasn't lovely trying to remove all of those items, in order to plant a front yard of squashes, no siree.

We STILL have rocks in the various places around the house. Like along the side of the house. In the path way to the back yard.

Little wonder no one walks along that side of the yard, eh?

Today's item was the bag of rocks that broke some time last year.

This item was discarded.



After setting up our campsites, we had lots of time to kill before the sun was sufficiently off the campsite to make it bearable. While we were all moping around, Josh offered Sonia and me a game of Stack, where you stack rocks on top of each other until the pile falls. The last person to successfuly stack a rock wins. Or rather, when the pile tumbles, the person who failed to stack loses.

Sonia and I kept playing smaller and smaller stones on the stock. Josh kept playing bigger and bigger stones.

Eventually, I just wandered away to take macros of rocks.

Josh's stacks were impressive.



I'm unbelievably happy my camera has such great macro capabilities. The rocks around here are incredibly fascinating. Since I can't take them out of the Canyon (ignoring the laws against it, Kris would be mad if I packed my bag full of 40 pounds rocks to take home), pictures of the rocks are the next best thing.

I think Andy thinks I'm strange. Kris already knew I was, he didn't need to see my rock pictures to know this.

Rocks at the Indiana Dunes National Park

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