Pew pew! Pew pew pew!


One of the problems Kris and I have with working out together is that he's faster, stronger and, let's admit it, far more motivated than I am. Track workouts generally work well for us, since he can run extra sets or just rest longer while I'm finishing up. Longer distance runs haven't worked as well, since both of us essentially run by ourselves, and meetup at the end.

Kris has been training to run the 10k part of his relay team's Wildflower Triathlon this weekend, and has been running some good distances. He's tapered this week, and asked if I wanted to use my new scooter and keep up with him as he runs. We talked about whether or not it would work, and decided to give it a try. I've been to his work only a few times since he's worked there, so it would also be a good chance to see the campus.

We ended up doing three loops around the campus. I, for the most part, kept up with Kris, except when I didn't. I came in too hot on one hairpin turn and ended up in the dirt, but still standing, at one point. I also had problems on the back side with the head wind in the parking lot being so bad I could have walked faster than I scooted.

In all, the experiment was a fine success. Especially when I started pew-pew-pewing the cars that tried to cut us off.


First scoot scoot!


Having bought an "adult" scooter a few months ago, I hadn't really had a chance to ride it yet. Since my car service light went on, I figured I'd take the opportunity to scoot scoot home from the train station after taking the train down from the station close to the dealership.

One of the first items in the Caution! section of the scooter instruction manual is the suggestion to push off one foot for 10 or so steps, then switch feet to push 10 or so steps from the other foot. I tried this, and quickly discovered that, without a doubt, I am goofy footed. All those times I suggested during snowboarding that I could ride either way? No. I'm goofy all the way.

Though, with enough scooting, that could change, I guess.

I managed to go the wrong way down a path, and circle around along the Stevens Creek trail. I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to put a beautiful trail under the thundering concrete of a freeway, but said person was a moron. That has to be one of the most nervewracking trails ever built. EVER.

I did manage to scoot home in about 30 minutes. Not quite the 50% savings in time that Beth manages with her scooter, but, well, for a first time out, a 33% savings isn't so bad.

The bonus? I didn't crash.