Daily Photo

Eric and Mom went scorpion hunting tonight. Apparently there were ... a lot tonight.

Not So Snipe Hunting


"No, I don't want to do it. Take Kitt, she'll enjoy it."

Mom said this, and I was puzzled. I mean, what does she want me to do, something super seekrit? One way to find out! I followed Eric outside the back door, and he handed me a small flashlight. He started in.

"Your mom likes to shine the light right at her feet..."

He turned on the flashlight.

"... but that doesn't work so well. We want to see where we are going, not where we are standing."

The flashlight was a black light. A few moments later, I realized what we were doing.

We were snipe hunting!

I mean, scorpion hunting!


Scorpion visit


Woke up this morning to find a scorpion on my elbow, close to where I was bitten by a tick years ago. I think I rolled over onto it in the middle of the night, because it was not only dead, but a little dry.

When I took the picture, Andy cried out, "So big!" then offered to "put it into perspective" for me.

Not so big, I guess.