Adventures in kid sitting


Chookie asked if I was available tonight to sit the kids. I quickly adjusted my evening plans so that I could say "Yes!" and said, "Yes!"

I showed up just before 7, and Chookie quickly took off to his adventure after letting me know, "They didn't finish their dinner, so they don't get dessert."

As soon as Chookie was gone, Sonja asked if she could have a cupcake.

Uh.... "If you finish your dinner, you can have a cupcake. You, too, Sebastian."

Well, if that didn't cause problems!

"I don't eat the crust, and I don't like this soup."

"Well, that's okay, no dessert. If you finish the sandwich or the soup, you can have a cupcake."

Wow, hey, the kid will eat crusts! Both kids!



My new favorite picture of Sebastian and me. He was refusing to get ready for bed (SHOCK!), and refusing to put on his jammies (SHOCK!).

I asked if maybe we could roll backward and his mom could put them on with our feet in the air. He agreed, and so we rolled back, on went one bootie, rolled back, on went the other bootie, rolled back, and giggled.