Wandering in San Francisco


Shopify Unite ended early, giving me lots of time to roam San Francisco and be a tourist. I have to say I am delighted by the time to wander and just be. I, of course, followed my guidelines for evaluating a new city, and checked out a few cupcake shops.

I have to say, I was incredibly disappointed with my findings. Turns out, the two I found had mostly chocolate cupcakes. Of the ones without chocolate (or cocoa), most had coconut on them. The one non-chocolate, non-coconut cupcakes they had were covered in sprinkles.

Not a sprinkles fan, so I went without sugar.

Grass in San Francisco

Daily Photo

On the walk back from the Startonomics conference, I walked through a park along the channel that runs parallel to King, between 4th and 3rd. The walk was quite lovely, despite the industrial wasteland around it. UCSF seems to be changing much of that wasteland part, fortunately.