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The desserts all had chocolate in them, so I couldn't partake (Lent and all), but they were still lovely to see.

Shopify Unite Again


Shopify Unite lasted two days.

Shopify Unite!


I went up to the City today for Shopify's first conference, Unite! I am so so so happy I went. Talk about a grand time.

Of course, it was done in true Shopify style: designed well, communicated effectively, and inspired totally.

I walked in after the talks had started, which meant I entered from the front of the main stage and walked to the back. This walk likely contributed my being just completely and totally overwhelmed. I'm uncertain when I stopped going to conferences alone, but I'm pretty sure it was when I started going to them with Jonathan, though Doyle is an amazing conference buddy. Given I was overwhelmed, I was gentle with myself and gave myself permission to be uncomfortable. I was happy to be there, and hoped to meet up with a bunch of my Shopify friends.

Three Superpowers


In our one-on-ones (things that I am generally bad at turning into "here is my status" meetings), Luke started asking weird questions that confused me, mostly in the sense they seemed to come out of the far left field (for the record, I'm still unsure which side is the left field, though I'm fairly certain it's the third base line).

When I asked something to the effect of "WTF?" he explained they were from the Better 1:1 program series. It's a group of emails sent to a lead and to a team (sometimes slightly different formats), designed to give the entire group insight into team dynamics, items to talk about in the one-on-ones, and ways to gain insights into areas employees may not be able to talk about directly.

Cool. I love this idea. I signed up for myself and myself-as-a-team.

What Shopify does right, Part 1


I suspect this topic could be an entire website all its own, instead of a series of my thoughts. Since I happen to be in one of those moods (yeah, yeah, you have no idea which "those" to which I am referring, but that's beside the point), and these thoughts have been swirling around, I should get them down, lest I forget them. Which is pretty much the reason for every single one of my posts on this site, now that I pause to reflect. Anyway.