I hate my shower


I can't believe just how much I hate my shower now.

I used to love being in the shower. That Seinfeld episode with Kramer in the shower 24 hours a day, installing the garbage disposal in the shower so that he could cook in the shower, never having to leave the shower? Yeah, that would have been me, if not for, oh, I don't know, work, clients, ultimate, those sorts of things.

Ever since the shower drain plumbing fix, when a new shower head and handle were installed, showering hasn't been the same.

For one, I can't control the water flow, as I could with the old water handle, which had a pull for water flow and turn for temperature. Despite the fact I bought one with the dual control, the workers installed one with only temperature control, no water flow control. Now the water comes out at FULL BLAST.

No, not water conserving gentle flow. We're talking turbo-turbine, rocket-powered, sand-your-face blast.

Which means I now use in 30 seconds what I used to use in 5 minutes.

Which also means I can't take 20 minute showers any longer.

The water flow wouldn't be SO bad, if I could actually save the water and pump it out into a grey water system or even just out into the front yard. No, the workers ALSO installed a drain switch that doesn't work. That's right, I have the flip to close the drain, except that there's no drain close to flip. I have a bathtub that I can't take a bath in. Well, until I go out and purchase a rubber drain stop. However, even that won't work, because the screw used to hold the drain cover in is about 3mm too tall, and sticks up. so even a rubber stop won't work.

Now, yes, I could go out and fix all of these issues in less than an afternoon. I could possibly even bribe Andy to help out, though I don't know exactly what I have that I could bribe him with. Maybe a cooked dinner? Maybe?

Of course, then I could go back to my 20 minute showers instead of my "10 second water flow, stop the water, soap up, turn on the water, rinse for 10 seconds, turn off the water, lather hair, turn on the water, rinse for 20 seconds, done" shower.

And have one fewer thing to complain about.

Where's fun in that?