Check My Phone


Check my phone.
Check my phone.
Check my phone.
Check my phone.
Check my email.
Check my phone.
Check my phone.
Check my twitter.
Check my ig.
Check my phone.
Check my phone.
Check my phone.

I am not doing well.


Snowing at Dad's. Snowing where you are?



In a valiant attempt to recreate delight, we fanned his hair out. He was gracious enough to allow me to photograph it.

Jonathan with his hair fanned out

Kjollé with my Big Bear


On our 50 adventures, in Lima, we were hoping for a last minute cancellation to Central. We didn't manage one, but we did have dinner at its sister restaurant.

Which is now my favorite restaurant in all the world.

I mean, how can an amazing meal with this big bear not become a favorite?

Jonathan Snook at Kjollé

Us, at the Huntington


This is one of my most favorite pictures of Jonathan and me.

Look how giggly happy he is!

Kitt and Jonathan smiling



Three numbers


Last week, Jonathan made a comment about my collecting things. I suspect he made the comment more as an amusing observation than anything else, but it stuck with me. Though I don't collect physical objects, and am back to getting rid of stuff again, I certainly "collect" license plate numbers. I think the collecting of plates is more of an enjoyment of playing with numbers and letters and words, and the traffic I was stuck in when I lived in Los Angeles.

These days, I have found, more often than I would like to admit, that I hesitate to spend money when the currency I'm holding has an interesting number sequence on it. It's rather like chasing the license plate holy grail of two characters, looking at currency serial numbers.

If I ever manage to find one with only two numbers on it, or even one number on it, I'm 100% sure I won't be able to spend it.

Claiming Ordering Disorder


Jonathan received a copy of Khoi Vinh's book, Ordering Disorder

Oddly enough, if you google for subtraction, Khoi's last name is spelled Vin:


Jonathan says the DMOZ has it spelled incorrectly. Bastards.

Anyway, the book? It's a book for him to review. I saw it, looked through it, and was tickled by it, figuring when he was done reading it and reviewing it, I could also review it. Hot damn, it looks interesting.

So interesting, actually, that I couldn't really wait.

I claimed it.

Ordering Disorder

Snook's Coke Consumption

1/10 ....
1/11 ....
1/12 ...
1/13 ...
1/14 ..
1/15 ...
1/16 ....
1/17 ....
1/18 .....
1/19 ...
1/20 ...
1/21 ...
1/22 ....
1/23 ..
1/24 ...
1/25 ...
1/26 ...
1/27 .
1/28 ....
1/29 .. 1/2
1/30 ... 1/2
1/10 ----
1/11 ----
1/12 ---
1/13 ---
1/14 --
1/15 ---
1/16 ----
1/17 ----
1/18 -----
1/19 ---
1/20 ---
1/21 ---
1/22 ----
1/23 --
1/24 ---
1/25 ---
1/26 ---
1/27 -

Arrived in this foreign land


Jonathan and II have arrived in this strange northern land in a period of white. I shall observe the large male of the native dominant species and report back my findings.

Thus far today, said male seems to spend most of his day near motionless, staring at a large rectangular surface of bright moving lights, wiggling his figures on another surface full of squares. All of the surfaces display a small fruit symbol: based on the number of symbols, I believe the surfaces to be part of a larger shrine to the male's deity. I will need to explore this phenomena further.

The area itself is incredibly cold, below the freezing point of water, covered in a white to black surface that is also cold. I have donned the locals' style of dress to blend in: a fuzzy hood-lined, brown covering filled with the remnants of flying animals' insulation. I have not developed an allergy to the remnants, and appreciate the warmth of covering provides.

I have managed to prod the male into action, including a walk around his dwelling. He seems to enjoy the movement, emitting laughing noises and talking about his administrations on the surfaces with the markings. I shall win his trust and continue with the walks, even though the cold is nearly unbearable.

Arrived in Sydney!


Jonathan and I arrived in Sydney, he somewhat well-rested, I somewhat not-so-well rested. I managed about four hours of airplane sleep, tipped over onto his shoulder. For the record, he has comfortable shoulders. And sleeps like a rock on planes.

What is it with guys I travel with that they can sleep so well on planes?

Excited to be here!