Soufflé's POV


Carol came over for dinner today. To my delight, she was okay with my making soufflés! Just not chocolate soufflés (insert a grumpy emoji here, an emoji that my site doesn't support, hence even more grumpy emojis). I am unsure how I can be friends with someone who doesn't like chocolate, but woe I guess I can endure /woe. And kidding, Carol is lovely. But no chocolate.

So, I made green tea soufflés.

Ever wonder what a green tea soufflé sees? Well, wonder no more, here is the point of view of green tea soufflés growing up:

They turned out really well, actually. Not only were they lovely, they also tasted delicious.

This Kid is So F'ing Canadian


The part that surprises me every time is that when I say something absurd, he verifies it.

No, turning the seat heater to 6 won't melt your butt, but he gave it a go to find out.

And no, you won't freeze your balls off if you lie down in the snow, but darn it, he's going to confirm that statement first.



This is going to be interesting.

Eiffel's Looking Up


We went to the Eiffel Tower today. I wanted to go to the top. Jonathan was willing, though not, I suspect, enthusiastic. I can't say that I was particularly enthusiastic, to be honest. The temperature was cold, the winds made its effects colder. The crowds were... well, crowds, which meant lines. We waited in the tickets line, I played Pokemon Go, Jonathan waited patiently. We waited in the elevator line, I played Pokemon Go, Jonathan waited patiently. We made it to the lower level, and met yet another line. I was hungry, Jonathan was patient. We left.

But not before I managed to convince Jonathan to find the center with me.

God, I love this man.

Multnomah Falls


Claire took us up to Multnomah Falls today. The "hike" to the view of the falls was... uh... not difficult, and minorly annoyingly occupied by... tourists. Go fig.

What is Interesting to Me


I took the boys out for an evening last night. Jonathan said he wanted to have a break, go be by himself for an evening. As an introvert, I totally understood this need, and said I would spend the evening with the boys.

We went for a walk to a couple parks. They burned off some energy, which was great. I tried to help H do a flip off the bars by holding up his arms as he swung backwards, but I lacked the strength to actually support his weight and he sorta flopped onto the ground. Fortunately, that kid is agile enough to land like a cat, and no harm was done.

The evening didn't end well, as L became Mr. Grumpy Pants, and basically sat down, refusing to move until his dad returned.

You Know You've Found the Right Person




Three numbers


Last week, Jonathan made a comment about my collecting things. I suspect he made the comment more as an amusing observation than anything else, but it stuck with me. Though I don't collect physical objects, and am back to getting rid of stuff again, I certainly "collect" license plate numbers. I think the collecting of plates is more of an enjoyment of playing with numbers and letters and words, and the traffic I was stuck in when I lived in Los Angeles.

These days, I have found, more often than I would like to admit, that I hesitate to spend money when the currency I'm holding has an interesting number sequence on it. It's rather like chasing the license plate holy grail of two characters, looking at currency serial numbers.

If I ever manage to find one with only two numbers on it, or even one number on it, I'm 100% sure I won't be able to spend it.

Claiming Ordering Disorder


Jonathan received a copy of Khoi Vinh's book, Ordering Disorder

Oddly enough, if you google for subtraction, Khoi's last name is spelled Vin:


Jonathan says the DMOZ has it spelled incorrectly. Bastards.

Anyway, the book? It's a book for him to review. I saw it, looked through it, and was tickled by it, figuring when he was done reading it and reviewing it, I could also review it. Hot damn, it looks interesting.

So interesting, actually, that I couldn't really wait.

I claimed it.

Ordering Disorder