Unable to fathom


Yeargh. Okay, so, yes, I know they are only books, but this particular series of books has a way of completely and utterly annoying me. I cannot believe what a flipping moron Circe is, undoing 300 years of a reasonable law, because she is completely incapable of any kind of subtlety. Rather than negotiate and actually rule the country she finally managed to "conquer," she's a moron

The woman is a cow, except for the accident of birth.

I cannot wait for Danaerys to arrive. Come on dragons, bring it home!

Okay, so what up this time?

She (Circe) undid a law, thinking the group she released would attack her enemies, not realizing that she, too, could be a target. It kinda reminded me of certain Republican presidential candidates who are arguing for the removal of the Federal law allowing the right to choose to have an abortion. Several candidates believe the states should choose what abortion laws exist within their borders.

They believe that, by removing the Federal ruling, states will have the opportunity to write new laws regarding abortion. These candidates also believe all states will create stricter laws than are currently enforced, thereby restricting abortion availability.

What they cannot fathom is the possibility that states might create less strict abortion laws, granting greater availability. Hey, if my state won't allow it, let me travel across the border to this next state that will allow it.

Maybe these candidates get kickbacks from the travel industry?

Perhaps these candidates are the same who believe preaching abstinence will reduce teen STD and pregnancy rates. Hint: if they're going to have sex, they're going to have sex. Give them condoms to stop the spread. Telling them not to have sex isn't really going to work very well to stop the exchange of fluids.

Why am I still reading this?


Why am I still reading this book?

A couple years ago, I'm unable to find any place I wrote about this, I was reading a book about migraine headaches. I bought the book on a recommendation from some magazine or website or some such. The recommendation suggested the book would explain all about migraines and their triggers. Thinking that, hey, it's been a long time since I've looked into research on migraines, maybe this book will shed some insight I'm missing.

Well, it didn't. Not only did it not tell me anything I didn't already know about migraine headaches, it also contradicted itself several ways to Sunday. Migraines can be triggered by lack of sleep. But also too much sleep. Migraines can be trigged by too much coffee. But also not enough coffee. Migraines can be treated with X. X won't help some people.

The book was infuriating in its lack of new information and reasonable coherency.

I threw it across the room.

Kris noticed the book flying across the room, just over the book he was reading.

This, by a woman who loves books.

I'm currently reading the second book of the Song of Fire and Ice, by George R. R. Martin. The series is six books long, of which four are already published. It's a fascinating read. It's full of engaging characters. It has a remarkably good plot line. It's complicated and interesting and full of surprises.

And I want to throw this book across the room, too.

If you're reading the series, or are thinking of reading the series, this series of books that Matthew said I had to read, the books that Kris is also reading and enjoying and trying to buy before I can give to him as a gift for Christmas or his birthday, the books with fantastically great reviews, then stop reading this now, becauce I'm going to be listing a bunch of spointers here. And I'm not goign to apologoize fo rthem.

Okay, so, you knoa that Eddard dies. I told you that . I was so mad when this happened. But I mean, fine, it's a plaot point. You can't ways have the good lguyes winnng, can you?

But come ON ON! Rob STartk? I mean, what the fuck? Why did Rob have to die? Sure, Sure, Kaitlin STark, fine, she was starrkgin to to annoy me. Whaaa wahaaa this and boo hoo that and isn't she just the saddest woman a in all the worlkd? BShe thought hshe had lost two osunds. a shusbana nd two of her finve kkids with another one lost. kay sure, and one married to hthe brother of teh man who crippeled one of her kids. But why oh why She was stratin to annoy me. Couldnt' satand her after a while. B ut Rob? Rob stoark ? And Little JohN? And all the north men?



Gah. I hate Martin at this point. He killed off Rob Startk! And left Aria with the Hound!

I mean, the only person of any interset at this opoint is Danaryes, and she's still a half of a wolrd aaway at this point.

Rob stark died. This engire hfmaily is in the process of being whiped out. WWTF?

What makes all of this work is both the timing and format of my reading. I'm listening to the books on audio CD, which makes throwing them across the room really really hard. Okay, sure, I can throw the CDs, but where's the fun in that? They might fly like frisbees if I flick hard enough, but then they might actually cut someone when they hit. Also bad is the timing. Few things worse than coming into work at a client's site all angry and annoyed at a character dying. Worse, on the last day of the job at the client's site. I immedia Worse, I had to wwait three hours for Kris towake up and come online before I could complain about the fack that Marktin killed off Rob Start.

Come on! WTF? I'm so annoyed.

Just annoyed.

The Red Wedding indeed.

I hate these books. I hate them. I hate them I hate them I hate them.

And I will continue reading them.

They're that good.

Storm Convo with Kris


My IM conversation with Kris about these seriously messed-up books.

kitt: I hate these books!
kitt: Come on!
kris: books?
kris: oh...
kris: Ice and Fire
kris: aka "Storm of Swords"
kris: what happened?
kitt: Aria is less than 4 hors from seeing her mom....
kitt: And her mom is killed?
kitt: WTF?
kris: ah
kitt: God damn!
kris: the Red Wedding
kitt: Hate them
kitt: Hate them
kris: :|
kitt: It has a name now?
kitt: Good lord.
kitt: Does edwin die too?
kris: I listened to that scene several times
kitt: HATE IT.
kris: yes, it has a name...
kris: Catlin's brother?
kris: I forget
kitt: It fucking made me cry.
kris: :|
kitt: Wtf?
kris: I was in dis believe
kitt: Me too.
kris: I mean, Rob Stark?
kitt: I KNOW!
kris: And the way it happened...
kris: the crossbow bolt just stuck out of him...
kitt: He's not dead quite yet forme
kris: we were experiencing the disbelief along with him
kris: oh
kris: d'oh
kitt: He has 3 bolts in him
kris: I thought you were done
kitt: And has just stood up
kitt: No.
kris: done with that scene
kris: sorry
kris: didn't mean to give anything away
kitt: Waiting to see if kaitlin stands to kill walder
kitt: You didn't give anything away.
kitt: I'm so mad
kitt: So
kitt: Fucking
kitt: Mad
kitt: I fucking hate this author.
kitt: If I had the books, I'd throw them
kris: Well, when I read it I thought Ned Stark would live
kris: someone would come to their senses
kris: and rescue him
kris: then...
kris: he died
kris: and I was like, "oh, that kind of thing can happen?"
kris: "I thought the good guys typically won"
kris: then I
kris: and saw that no one won
kris: everyone kept losing...
kris: and losing...
kris: so when Rob Stark married a non-Fray
kris: I knew that would be trouble
kris: but I figured it would be on the battle field
kris: not a sneak attack!
kitt: Tell me
kitt: Is there justice?
kitt: Does walder die?
kris: well...
kitt: Please tell me.
kris: I can't remember
kitt: You suck.
kris: Aren't there 100 Walders?
kitt: The old fuck.
kris: There is death in every house
kris: oh, I don't think he's dead yet
kitt: Every house?
kris: but he's going fast...
kitt: FUCK.
kris: The Starks...
kitt: Kaitlin failed.
kris: the Lanisters...
kris: every house
kitt: !!!!!!
kitt: I hate these books.
kitt: Hate them
kris: heh
kris: The fact that nothing "works out" is one of the reasons I like them so much
kris: I'll give you hope...
kris: Aria is still alive
kris: She kicks ass
kitt: Yeargh.
kitt: Hate them
kris: oh, and just you wait until Danerys (sp?) shows up...
kitt: Fine
kris: then there will be a reckoning
kitt: I'll keep reading.
kris: When she arrives in Kings Landing...
kitt: Need to go.
kris: or at least in the Five Kingdoms
kris: there's gonna be a hell of a fight
kris: :X
kitt: Boss here.
kris: later!
kitt: :x

Eddard is about to die


A few years ago (they all blur now, somewhere between 3 and 6, I'd guess), I purchased the book Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I had asked a Borders clerk for a recommendation, having read all of the Guy Gavriel Kay books, and the Robert Jordan books that I cared to read until the Wheel Of Time has actually completed its rotation, and the C.S. Friedman books that were published. I needed a new author to run through, and as long as the author had more than two books I was willing to give him a try.