Sorry, Not Sorry


At this point, I can't help but wonder why my site is all book reviews and none of the cool (for appropriate definitions of "cool") blogging crap I usually write about.

Like, the drive yesterday from Offline Camp (amazing experience, tbs), I stopped in at a Pilot "Transport Center" (whatever that means), and picked up a quart of oil for the car (something one should carry whenever one is driving more than 300 miles) along with gas and a sandwich.

As I was wandering the convoluted aisles of this particular Pilot, I nearly bumped into a guy, who immediately said, "Sorry."

Having been made sensitive to the word sorry by Matthew, who firmly believes that a woman should not apologize for being in the space she has a right to occupy, as women tend to say "sorry" more frequently than men do (statistic pulled out of the air, confirmed by my unscientific confirmation-biased observations), I started pondering the guy's sorry.