Soufflé's POV


Carol came over for dinner today. To my delight, she was okay with my making soufflés! Just not chocolate soufflés (insert a grumpy emoji here, an emoji that my site doesn't support, hence even more grumpy emojis). I am unsure how I can be friends with someone who doesn't like chocolate, but woe I guess I can endure /woe. And kidding, Carol is lovely. But no chocolate.

So, I made green tea soufflés.

Ever wonder what a green tea soufflé sees? Well, wonder no more, here is the point of view of green tea soufflés growing up:

They turned out really well, actually. Not only were they lovely, they also tasted delicious.

Chocolate Souffle

Book page


  • About 1 tablespoon butter for dish
  • cup sugar, plus some for dish

Breakfast of Champions

Daily Photo

Days when I spend the whole day reading a Jack Reacher book and baking chocolate soufflés should be marked with a star in my life. A star for awesome.

Especially when breakfast the next morning is "fallen flourless chocolate cake with white tea."



Souffle for Mom


Before today, I had never made a chocolate souffle for Mom. Which is sorta odd, given how many chocolate souffles I've made, especially recently.

So, before she left, I fixed that.

Souffle for Mom

Yes, there actually is a chocolate souffle under all that whipped cream.

Souffle under seriously piled whipped cream



I tell you, I have the bestest friends ever. I mean, how many three year olds will let me help them make chocolate souffles, then NOT EAT THEM, leaving all of the tasty tasty chocolate for me?

I know at least one. We'll have to wait to see if Meter grows up to be number two.

Mirabelle and I with the souffles

I went up to the Smith's house tonight to spend time with the family. I arrived late, so missed out on helping fix dinner. Best way to make up for it? Make chocolate souffles. Mirabelle helped out and was amazingly good for a three year old. She didn't like the mixer noises, but seemed to love sugaring the ramekins.


We used the easy chocolate recipe from the New York Times that Mom brought over when she was out. It uses eggs and sugar as the roux, which is weird, but effective. The eggs from Andy's chickens are AMAZING. Other than just the dark dark yolks, they also beat into stiff peaks really easily, and without cream of tartar.



Daily Photo

First savory souffle


I'm not sure what happened, but this baking experiment was a near complete disaster.

Yeah, I'm confused about this event. Sure, I have my culinary problems, a tragic meal that makes my guests think I've gone insane, but they are typically few, and never with souffles. My souffles are always light and fluffy, rich and exotic, and, oh, so very tasty.

Of course, they've all been chocolate souffles until today.

I mean, what's the point of making a souffle, if it's not chocolate?

I mean, really!

I picked up the cheddar-bacon souffle recipe from the Williams-Sonoma store where Mom and I went when she was visiting, where, of course, I spent too much money on kitchen items (but just try to wrest those new kitchen shears from my cold, dead hands, and see how much luck you have). Given the recipe called for a half pound of bacon, how bad could it be?

Not bad at all. If you like bacon bread.