Beyond Resizing: The Image Performance Checklist

This is the talk that I gave at ImageCon 2018, then followed up with an encore at the San Francisco Web Performance Meetup. The slides here are from the second performance.

You can watch my the ImageCon performance, if video is your thing.
You can also download a PDF of the ImageCon slides, if you'd like, though this presentation is more meaningful with the transcript.

This presentation is WHAT to do. You'll be able to download the HOW-TO guide shortly.

Automation for Developer Happiness

I'll be giving this talk in October of 2015, if everything works out well. I think I've described what I want to cover well, but maybe not. We'll find out.

Lazy productivity is the motivation behind automating development workflows. We shouldn't spend time with repetitive tasks, we should let computers do our bidding!

Let's cover a start-to-end development workflow focusing on developer happiness with lazy productivity, and site performance with maintainability. We'll use use bash and grunt (and gulp, if preferred) to automate tasks, and see how these tools can help us increase our site's performance. We'll also dive into scripts and aliases and other tools that will help us complete the small tasks that build up over time.

Automate Front-end Performance

Here are my slides for Automating Front-end Performance with Grunt that I gave at Fluent Conf 2015. I'll likely write it up, to give a transcript. I think the videos are about a month away. Unsure on that one.

Automate All the Front-End Things!

This talk was presented at Scotch on the Rocks on the 5th of June, 2014. This page can be referenced at Community note taking was offered at Example and demo files are at

You can download these slides at They are also available at

Notes follow the slide deck.



Installing Node
  1. Go to
  2. Click the green INSTALL button
  3. Follow directions

Install Ruby

Ruby has different flavors.

Upcoming talks!


I'm pretty excited for the next two weeks. I'll be speaking at Open Web Camp on July 13th. Afterward, I'll be heading up to Portland for Refresh PDX on July 17th.

My talk description:

CSS can do all these amazing things now: Animations! Gradients! Transforms! Yet, it’s tricky to remember every vendor prefix and, blech, time consuming to do everything by hand. Let’s take a mad dash through CSS automation with Sass and other handy tools to automate ALL THE THINGS CSS (including those amazing things), traveling but one path to a faster, easier, and more reliable way to develop websites and web applications.

A few more details:

I'm going to talk about setting up Sass (look, it's easy!), setting up layouts (see, it's easy!), variables, mixins, extends, functions, as well as namespacing. Then use Sass to do the cool things: animations, gradients and transforms, showing how Sass makes adjustments easier. I'll include LiveReLoad so that the pages update automatically when I git up to a branch to demonstrate changes. I'll mention grunt (more so at Refresh PDX, since Dirk Ginader will be talking about grunt at OWC), too, for automating other tools, such as csscss to find duplicates. And Alfred for general workflow automation, not just CSS stuff.

I'm also going to bounce a lot.

Interlink CSS Workflow

More details at CSS Workflow.

Schedule CSS Workflow.

Slides: interlink-css-workflow.pdf

Resources will be compiled shortly and posted here.


I gave this presentation at Open Web Camp at Stanford on 16 July 2011. Organized by John Foliot (@johnfoliot), Ed Palumbo (@doted), and Thomas Ford (though I interacted with only John), Open Web Camp was an *amazing* event: the speakers were incredible, the talks great, the events well organized, the location fantastic (wow, I love Stanford). Both lunch and t-shirts were provided by sponsors, and, wow, I can't adequately convey how much I enjoyed the event.

My talk was about how to build a mobile app with web technologies. I'll do a screencast shortly. In the meantime, my slides and a transcription of the talk I gave:


Upcoming Talks

Wow, do I really have nothing scheduled? Easily fixed.

Talks I've Given

IndieWeb Summit 2019 Keynote: On Contractions and Expansions (transcript)
This is my first keynote ever. I was asked if I could "give a brief (10-15min) keynote at IndieWeb Summit on your experiences as a long time blogger? You can focus on any aspect you want, challenges, what’s it like today, aspirations for the future etc. slides optional." I rather went orthogonal to the request, but I like what I delivered.