thoughts 2010 02 17

750 similar to p52

catch up?

snow for next winter

perch cms

Sense of POPOS: Secret Spaces of San Francisco

Unreal Development Kit

Drupal extension for Komodo

upgrade ui 1.7.2

On launch

111 CSS Gallery To Submit Your Design

55+ Extremely Useful Online Generators for Designers

Development references

IE8 bugs (huge!)

IE CSS Bugs That’ll Get You Every Time

15+ Free A/B Split Testing Resources

WP dev
55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

300+ Resources to Help You Become a WordPress Expert

jQuery Plugin – Form To Wizard

jQuery imageless buttons a la Google

16 Design Tools for Prototyping and Wireframing

50 Free UI and Web Design Wireframing Kits, Resources and Source Files

Wordpress Sandbox and Blueprint

References to sites / pages with themes / downloads, etc.

44 Marvelous Sites Powered by Drupal

25 Creative E-Commerce Website Designs

31 Rare Wordpress Themes

35 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites

thoughts 2010 02 10
11 Ways to Influence People Online and Make Them Take Action
prelaunch checklist

Designs uploaded to
Getting up to speed with YUI 3
Finding the laws that govern us
The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital
Don’t fear god
Don’t worry about death
What is good is easy to get
What is terrible is easy to endure
Atheists and anger
How to detect a page request from Safari 4's Top Sites feature
email anything, photos, videos, mp3, files
reply instantly
One week digital cleanse
Nick Disabato
total control module for drupal admin stuff

WordPress Themes Monster

thoughts 2010 02 05

SHDH 36.5, Rainbow Mansion, Feb 13th
SHDH 37, Palantir, TBD
SHDH 38, Hacker Dojo
SHDH 39, Microsoft
SHDH 30, Google

All DevHouses will be followed by an after-party at Hacker Dojo.

"The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogma."

thoughts 2010 01 27

Contact Mike about disc replacement form

Ticket: 10 am out tues, return thursday night

For local events around the area

Check out

CSS3 + HTML5, backwards compatible

Unreal Development Kit
Hello Dresden video

Freely available programming books


business plan part 2
Webgrind is an Xdebug profiling web frontend in PHP5. It implements a subset of the features of kcachegrind and installs in seconds and works on all platforms.
read for possible gems
"Semantic Mining of News and Trends"
compare to fever and managingnews

Grid based designs
Facebook login
Mobile apps / themes

more business plan thoughts

follow up on these privacy settings

All mobile IDs (holy crap)

Page navigation (scrolling) and pagination using keyboard shortcuts with micro-formatted html (hentry), inspired by interaction on — Read more

SQL Buddy – Web based MySQL administration

Psychology and Security resources

Entertainingly enough, sticky notes with php/jquery

thoughts 2010 01 26

piedmont - mika's mom - todo list that's not basecamp

haven't received jan check for 1127
$10 short for 244 for January (bounced check)

doors from jacob? - open source video

Fill this out for themegenius

yay! 'less' on a zip file shows the contents of the file instead of the binary output. 10 dollars says 40% of my friends go, "huh?" events local to SF

thoughts 2010 01 25

what do to with my online stuff when I die

fever vs managingnews

Set up time capsule again

Need to adjust the id_dsa file so that two separate ones can be used or get the second host to accept the same format as first

MG: webteam meeting
MG: 2 hours on Monday, 1 with Bracey & Kathy

communal dinner!

should have caltrain schedule in PDF form on laptop

auto svn update on tg upon checkin
tg send diff to mailing list

move inc/content* files into inc/content/*

hall of the mountain king - doyle suggested 4 payments of 39.95, was 3 entertainingly enough, though he managed the price right

WP lists

wordpress-dev, wordpress-ui

Unlimited calling with Google Voice

Corporations as persons
history: history of corporations as persons