Second Dose In


Science is great!

Much to my disappointment, the nurse administrating my dose refused to let me have the vaccine bottle when I asked if I could keep it. "It's a biohazard." Lady, you are injecting me with the stuff. It is empty and no more a biohazard than an empty insulin jar or aspirin bottle, but sure, say no. I was disappointed.

Had the shot in my right arm to balance out the left of the first dose. At Bob and Suzanne's suggestion, I kept my arm moving for the full 15 minute waiting period, then as much as I could stand for the next hour, in order to keep the soreness down. Let's see how this goes.

It's Happening


Arrived slightly early, in line on time. Interesting to me, the first question asked was, "Pfizer or Moderna?" as the facility was administering both. I went in the green sticker camp, to match my green paper, and followed the line for Moderna.

Remember, no photos in the facility to protect the medical rights of everyone else at the same location. "Oops."