When we were walking around in the Volcano national park, we stopped in the restrooms at some part of the park. YES, I KNOW. SHOCK.

After using the toilets (what? everybody does, we're not special there), I went to wash my hands. I turned on the water, wetted my hands, squeezed out soap, lathered up my hands, the went to rinse.

I happened to have turned on the water at the precise flow necessary for the water to come out of the faucet as a tube. The temperature was close enough to skin temperature and the water flow so smooth that, hands in the water, I couldn't feel the water. I could feel the pressure of the water, but could not discern by touch that I had water flowing over my hands. It was a fascinating sensation, almost like a glass rod pressing on my hands. After toying in the water for a bit and rinsing my hands, I called Mom over and suggested she do the same.

Drop on leaf

Daily Photo

The last water shot (of the month, of the year). I found this theme to be difficult, so I'm happy it's done.


Daily Photo



I'm wondering just how effective my neighbor thinks her watering plan is.

Hint: effectiveness is directly proportional to how much water actually gets to the roots of the plants.