Landscapes Watercolor Class


Been taking these watercolor classes for, I don't know, a year now. I'm not really any better than when I started. I have more expensive paints, and know that this isn't my medium. I think watercolors are lovely, and I am unable to paint what I want to paint. Every once in a while I manage some sky correctly, but the paintings are nominally and consistently meh.

Which was just fine today, because, well, buckets and all, for this class, I just painted and worked on my techniques. I used too much water in my wash, and learned that I actually was using too little water previously. I cut up the papers to small sizes, and learned that I really prefer the smaller sizes (and that what I bought as Arches is actually counterfeit and not actual Arches paper). I pulled out the small brush and worked on my thin strokes, painting grass. I used dark colors that are far more saturated than I usually use.

Patric Hearts


My favorite chocolate in all the world (at the moment, and has been for a couple years) is Patric Chocolate. The bars are available at my favorite chocolate store, The Meadow, in Portland, but also online. Once a month, the online store opens for a couple days, and you can buy the most amazing chocolate in the world.

The bars come sealed in a plastic wrap, and wrapped in a thick paper / thin cardboard folded envelope. I really like the paper the envelope is made of, so I've been cutting off the envelope tabs, and keeping the main part of the envelope. I have a stack a couple centimeters thick of these cards. I've sent some as postcards, I like them so much.

Recently, I've wondered how they would do as a water color surface.

Answer: surprisingly well. It isn't as good as good watercolor paper, which is fine, but is better than copier paper (oh, I crack me up).

Pink Heart

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