Letting Go


I emailed Megan yesterday asking her, hey, up for lunch or errands or something? She emailed me back, then texted me that she was over in a local park today, hey, did I want to hang out. Hecks, yes, I thought, grabbing my late lunch and heading over.

The park is around the freeway from the house, so an easy drive over. It took me longer to find her and the kids at the park than it did to drive over. It's a good thing that Merrick was crying, else I'd never find them. I had called Megan on the phone to see where they were, and heard Merrick over the phone. When I hung up, I paused to listen for his cries, then followed them to find the four of them.

For the record, that boy has some serious lungs.

Merry Christmas to me!


I've been putting books I no longer want up on Amazon for sale. Some of the books are first editions (which means they've been sitting on my bookcases for too long), and some are books recommended to me that I, after reading, didn't like. One of these books sold, so off I went to mail it today.

Amazon gives a mailing credit, usually $3.95. That's less than Priority Mail fees of 4.95, but I usually don't care about the extra dollar and figured the quicker arrival would be appreciated. Unfortunately, the book didn't fit into the newly sized 4.95 priority box, and the cost was $10.70. No longer worth the priority shipping from me. I chose the media mail, and hoped the 4-6 day delivery wouldn't be too painful for the recipient.