Automation for Developer Happiness

I'll be giving this talk in October of 2015, if everything works out well. I think I've described what I want to cover well, but maybe not. We'll find out.

Lazy productivity is the motivation behind automating development workflows. We shouldn't spend time with repetitive tasks, we should let computers do our bidding!

Let's cover a start-to-end development workflow focusing on developer happiness with lazy productivity, and site performance with maintainability. We'll use use bash and grunt (and gulp, if preferred) to automate tasks, and see how these tools can help us increase our site's performance. We'll also dive into scripts and aliases and other tools that will help us complete the small tasks that build up over time.

Attendees will streamline front-end development workflows, learn how to collect site performance metrics, write scripts to automate tasks, and leave with a working setup whose goal is to increase their development happiness.