thoughts 2010 05 29

Drupal wrapper around the jPlayer JavaScript library
This library provides an HTML5-based player, that uses a Flash fallback for browsers that do not yet support it.

Search farther back than public timeline / 10 days

Seven of the Best Open Course Resources For Entrepreneurs

Students Turn Plastic Crap into Clean Electricity
project landfill reclamation

Music Notation with HTML5 Canvas

Tweet it on any site

Webkit-specific CSS Properties

Top 10 iPad Apps

39 Android apps

We love Eckard

Grounded parachuting
From Paul Robinson

ajax file upload

More fonts

Jerk Physics
delta acceleration

log4javascript quick start

Twitter API
getting started

Online bookkeeping

Color picker

Mental Notes
Brainstorming cards

SMS transit via gateways
say, via email

JQuery Tools 1.2.0

How to build own WP theme

Drupal core template files
the files that are easy enough to overwrite

Drupal 7 theme
Use as feature reference

WP sites
WP Theme Dev Checklist

15+ Useful Cheat Sheets for WordPress Design and Development

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