thoughts 2011 05 28

Chalkwork Collection icons
Free for personal, 99 for commercial

Blueprint generator
For adjusting column width & count and gutter width

getting started
paleonutrition - emulating the evolutionary metabolic milieu

Public data sets.

CSS Click Chart
CSS properties by example

Conditional loader for JS feature replacment (polyfill, shims, etc.)

Think Stats, Probability and Statistics for Programmers

Open Data Pilot Project
Government of Canada data for all sorts of things

Parsing Techniques, A Practical Guide

npm package list
Oh. My.

Compress PDF
Option in the Save as PDF box

Open Source data mining software
Including Orange, RapidMiner, Weka (written in Java), JHepWork, KNIME.

Visual display (on an iphone!) of app collections, who has what installed, who is using what

Catalog Choice
Similar to Green Dimes, removes addresses from junk mail lists

View a web page as a wireframe, extracting major elements into grey blocks
Free and pro (exports) version

Instagram add-ons
stickers to posters to prints

Touch gesture reference guide

Node.js modules

Automating JavaScript Testing with QUnit

clean room implementation of the UIKit by Apple

jquery plugin for dynamic layouts

Kellan's slideshow by interesting|1295664643;max_taken_date|1295758800;sort|interestingness-desc;safe_search|1

Web Widget for Visualizing Temporal Data

Google Chart API

25 Startup Post-Mortems
JavaScript library simplifying creation of HTML5/Canvas apps with chain based interface.

safari / chrome browser extension to block google and facebook, among others
Open source, code on Google

198 ways of non-violent action

892 ways to partition a 3x4 grid

Safe CSS Defaults

Amazing wood flooring that follows the grain of the wood (somewhat)

when you want to play at being an angel investor

science papers

javacript gotchas

Single page websites

jQuery 1.6 cheatsheet

JS mistakes to avoid
of note, event delegation

GA event tracking guide
For client work

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