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To do 2008 05 02

To Do Today


C1: First pass forms
C1: April invoice
C2: April invoice
C3: March invoice
C3: April invoice
C3: Deal reg invoice
C3: fix directory layouts
C3: status update
C4: ldap installation test platform
C4: ldap module installations
Upload photos
Put away laundry
Plant tomatoes and peppers in garden
Finish kitchen cleanup
Doggen walken
Deposit check Kris
Mail Kris bills
Deposit check work
Train to City
Find index card pack
Talk to recruiter
Email Rose

Try to do

Light ballasts for kitchen or decide on new lighting
C2: rotate log files on four
C2: phantom payments email
C2: convert mov to flv
Cancel vonage
Reorg photos
Pay business corporation fee
Pay property taxes
Plant flowers in front front
Sift compost for front front
Deposit checks picked up from mail
Write up trip
MG: fix redirect error on beta site
Cleanout email

Bonus list

C2: mail going out on secondary web server
Dogs to vet
Garrods for compost