Legs workout, 10 minutes

What you need: Small area of floor space and a hand towel

2 minute warmup, 10 exercises totaling 10 minutes, 2 minute cool down

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, pause for 1-2 minutes then repeat all 10 exercises

Warm Up: 2 Minutes

Jumping Jacks for 30 Seconds
Jog in Place for 30 Seconds
Repeat 1x

Exercises: 30 Seconds Each

1) Squats
Place your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider. Sit back into your heels keeping your back straight and chest up. Your body weight should be in your legs as you sit back. Do not let your knees come in front of your toes. Once in position, it should feel like you can almost lift your toes off the ground. Hands can be in front of your chest or straight out in front for balance.

2) Squats with Pulses
Come into your squat position as low as you can. Keeping your upper body straight, slowly pulse your booty up and down. When you feel the burn, you’re in the right position! Keep your hands in front of your chest or straight out in front.

3) Squat Jumps
Get into squat position as low as you can. Engage your core and explode off of your toes, jumping off of the floor as high as you can. As you land, come right back into your squat and continue jumps.

4) Alternating Lunges
Step back into your right leg into a split stance position. Keep hands on hips or in front of your chest. Bring your back knee as far down as you can without touching the ground. Come back up to center and switch legs. Repeat for 30 seconds alternating between legs.

5) Alternating Lunges with Jump
Coming into your normal lunge position, bring your right leg back as low as you can. Explode off the ground, jumping as high as you can as you switch legs and land in a left side lunge. Continue this movement for 30 seconds as you switch between your right and left leg.

6) Squats with Kickback
Starting in your regular squat position, bring your right leg straight out behind, chest forward and arms in front of your head. Try to create a straight line with your body, then switch over to your left side.

7) Right Leg Squat with Towel
Stand up tall and place a towel under your foot. Slide your foot out to the side while sitting into a squat position. Keep the weight in the leg that does not have the towel underneath. Slide out as far as you can, then bring the leg back in towards your body so you’re standing upright. Repeat the movement for 60 seconds.

8) Left Leg Squat with Towel
Repeat directions above using your left leg.

9) Table Top Kickbacks with Pulse (Right)
Start in a table top position on your forearms. Bring your elbows and knees in so it creates a square shape. Keeping your right knee bent, lift your foot up behind and start to make a slow pulsing movement. Your foot should stay flat and the range of motion is small.

10) Table Top Kickbacks with Pulse (left)
Repeat direction above using your left leg.

Cool Down: 30 seconds each then repeat 10 exercises.

Jumping Jacks
Jog in Place

You can add this workout to your routine 2-3x per week.

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