CTRL+CLICK podcast!


OMG OMG OMG so excited!

I was fortunate to be invited to speak on the CTRL+CLICK with Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis of Bright Umbrella. We chatted about the state of Images on the Web, which was a nice follow up on my most recent talk.

Podcasting makes me oddly nervous, yet I had a wonderful time. Emily and Lea are awesome, and did an incredible job of easing that newly-discovered anxiety of mine.

Give it a listen!

Human Nature, Part 371


"Upvote! Someone add this for iOS! Get on it Google, before I try doing this myself."

$10000 says the person who wrote that sentence will not start writing that API that he wants.

$10000 says he won't even try.

Because that is the way of the world these days: those who can, put their heads down and do the work; those who can't, complain about the lack of progress, say something like "oh, I could do this" but never do, or generally make the world annoying for those who can and do.

Of note, everyone is a hypocrite.


Before The World Wakes Up


Before the world wakes up, a moment for myself. I don't have morning rituals yet, though. Might be time to start one.

Achy This and Achy That


Can't sit, lower back aches from sitting too much.

Can't stand, two toes ache from being broken too much.

Can't walk, desk lacks the treadmill under it.

Talk about can't win today.

Except, you know what? I can still stand. I can still walk. I can still be all achy. So, on the grand scheme of things, doing okay.

The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet

Book Review

A Universe From Nothing

Book Review