Love Letter

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I'm just going to leave this right here.

Annual Day of Gorging

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The Things People Send me.

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I get weird things sent to / tweeted at / emailed to me all the time. This one rather takes this month's cake, if only for the following reasons:

1. The only interests I have in something like this are in questioning it and in mocking it.
2. I'm not the Kitt in the picture.
3. I haven't been that skinny for about 10 years and do not want to be that skinny again.
4. I have never been had that color of skin and never want to have that fake skin color.
5. I have never worn nor ever want to wear clear plastic high-heeled shoes.
6. I would much rather be known for something more than the fleeting looks of my body.
7. I don't have any understanding why someone would want to do this sort of thing, and
8. My boobs are bigger anyway.

Today's Cafe!

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Went out to cafe with Matthew this morning. We go long enough for one of us to be ready to go. Such readiness is usually a function of temperature, cafe noise, and battery levels.

We tried a new place today. They had white tea (oh boy! oh boy!), so I had to support them by ordering some. It game in a giant cup:

I LOVE this cup! It is huge! It keeps the tea warm. It is wonderful!

I'm also loving the granola up here. I've had it two days in a row with yogurt, and it is delicious. Roasted granola in a light honey glaze, some light nuts, other goodies, and NO COCONUT. Yum.

The server apologized for getting carried away with the fruit. I didn't mind at all.

Looking even closer

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My first thought with these cards was, "Meh, the same as the first day's mindfulness cards," and was about to dismiss them, when I realized that, uh, so what if they are pretty much the same? All of mindfulness is pretty much the same, and can be boiled down to "Pay attention to the now." So, instead of dismissing the "Mindfulness - Look even closer" part of the card as "already done," I paid attention to the details today.

In particular, hey, I found a moment, I was MINDFUL of a moment, when I was beginning to be bored. It was, unsurprisingly, on an exercise machine. Surprisingly, it was while listening to an audiobook, which usually makes potentially boring exercising okay with me, since I'm multitasking.

Not today.

Might mean I'm listening to the wrong book. Or a boring one.

I took the moment to consider how I was feeling, what parts were sore, what parts were tired. I decided that, no, they were fine, burning only a little bit, and pushed through. Hard and enjoyable working. I'd venture that perhaps more enjoyable because of the mindfulness.