Magazine a day: day 13 - Sunset April 2005

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Instead of letting the Fry's baboons take my computer at the entrance (considering it looks like a purse, is the size of a purse, and the woman in front of me took in a purse larger than my bag, I was quite miffed), I decided to sit in the car and read the magazine I brought with me.

Given all the magazines I have that I'm trying to read, carrying one with me everywhere is a brilliant idea.

The magazine at the top of the pile today was the April 2005 issue of Sunset magazine. Sunset is one of my favorite magazines.

My mom once commented to me that an aunt of mine who is a very successful interior decorator with many upscale clients in Orange County, thought the magazine was rubbish, as the ideas were low class.

Maybe. But I like it a lot. And it works for me.

This month were many gardening suggestions, as well as great references for handmade tiles. On the Sunset scale of 10 being the best Sunset magazine I've ever read, and 1 being the worse Sunset I've ever read, this one was actually a 5: not great, but not bad.