Magazine a day: day 4 - Economist March 5th - 11th 2005

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I may have mentioned that I have stacks and stacks of magazines that I'm trying to get through. If not, well, I meant to mention it.

Some of the magazines are semi-out-of-date because they're time sensitive and I missed the read-me-now window.

Today's is one of them.

Last month's March 5th - March 11th Economist actually took me two days to read. I read it while walking on the treadmill. I had to walk 60 minutes the second day in order to finish it.

The focus of this issue was democracy in the Middle East. It cited a few democratic events of late (the Ukraine's Orange Revolution, Lebanon's protests and peaceful revolt from Saudi Arabia), as well as the current state of Iraq. There were other events, as well as hints of the housing boom about to go bust.