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Ah, Thinkgeek! Great idea. Toys for technically minded people. The best thing about it so far is, however, my employee discount through VA. A lot of the toys are suddenly nicely affordable with the discount.

My most recent toy is the Powerball (yeah, let's see how long that link lasts, eh?). It's a self-contained gyroscope with a speedometer on it. Using constructive interference oscillations, one can increase the gyroscope's RPM theoretically over 15k. However, it takes more wrist, forearm, bicep and shoulder strength to do so than I have.

Current "high" scores for people I know are:

  • Patrick Hard: 11462
  • Kris McQueen: 11394
  • Ariel Garza: 11157

I topped 9k, but will have to wait until I go into work on Monday to recall what I exactly had.