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Broken Bella Beagle


In an effort to help both dogs with their weights, we've been trying to run them more often. When we take them up to the big open field at the school, however, they tend to walk around the periphery, sniffing away. Not much exercise there.

So, I've been chasing the dogs to encourage them to run. When they start running at some point, I run after them, next to them, with them, whatever it takes to get them running.

During a run fest tonight, Annie and Kris took off running across the field, and Bella started chasing them. After about fifty yards, Bella slowed, stopped, then sat down. I hurried over to her to see what was up, nervous the exercise has caused another seizure. Her tail was down, her back arched funny.

Well, no seizure, but she wasn't putting any weight on her back left foot. Oh, not good.

Kris ran Annie home and returned in the car. I met Kris at the curb with Bella. A sure sign it's something bad: Bella let me carry her without squirming.