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Went to see Marina again today. Mostly as a followup to Monday's appointment, where we discussed my ongoing health problems, and may have finally found the root cause. I had ultrasound done on my ribs, for both theraputic and diagnostic reasons. Essentially if it hurt, I had a fracture. If it didn't, I had damaged ligaments. Turns out, the rib that hurt didn't have pain when the ultrasound wand was rubbed over it (yay!), but oddly enough the rib below it burned when the ultrasound was rubbed over it. I don't think that we realized that the next rib down could be fractured, all I know is that it hurt, and I teared up from the pain.

The downside to the appointment is that I'm not to run or, as a result, play ultimate for another two weeks. Two Weeks! Bah. Stupid rib. Who needs them anyway? Walking and stationary bike riding are fine. Running and swimming (!) are not .

So, as I'm on the mend, Kris stepped in with a doozie.

He messenged me around 1:30, telling me he had bad stomach pains, and that he was coming home. I told him I'd come get him if he'd like, just call me. Around 2:00 he did just that, and I drove up to Oracle to pick him up. Instead of our usual trip to the emergency room, we went to his gastroenterologist first. He was, thankfully, in and able to see Kris. We immediately high-tailed it to the emergency room of the hospital 100 yards down the street. An hour later, Kris was in la-la land, drugged beyond easy speech.

So, we're quite the pair. If both of our issues (tummy and head) collide on the same day, well, we'll be in trouble.