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Back in the saddle again.


Funny how life works out sometimes.

Last year, I stepped down from running SBUL, the South Bay Ultimate League, in order to start MPUL. I had hoped for (and thankfully received) higher level play with MPUL. Similar to the way SFUC is the higher level, experienced league of the City, and SFUL is the beginner friendly, less agro league, I wanted MPUL to be higher level play to SBUL's beginner friendly atmosphere.

And it was spectacularly.

Tragically, I didn't get fields for this year, and MPUL may take a hiatus for the season. If I do get fields, the motto of the season will be, "No shirts, no disc, lots of service.".

But I digress.

SBUL was supposed to be run by Troy Wu this year. For some reason, it didn't happen. Instead of fields on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as in past years, Troy requested (and I didn't notice on the application, so I, too am at fault here) Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which SBUL received. Ooops.

And then he disappeared.

As near as I can tell, he talked to Lou. He talked to Mike Kenny. He talked a lot to Nell. But then he just disappeared. When push came to shove, the league didn't get started and Nell called Bharat in a panic asking for help. Bharat called me and dumped the task on me. So, here I am, back getting SBUL going again. Not where I wanted to be. Not at all. Lost a day dealing with SBUL last night and all of today.

I went down to San Jose Parks and Recreation, Fields Reservations today to pay for the fields. They are twice as expensive as last year, due to budget cuts and a city/state mandate for all programs to fully pay for themselves. Hal Spangenberg is pretty cool. Especially for someone that I'm sure gets a lot of crap dumped on him everyday.

So, SBUL will happen this year at least. That's one league. Now to get the other one going.