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An email from a high school boyfriend


I received an email from a high school boyfriend tonight. It was one of those non-committal, probing emails that opens the doors to reunion while still leaving the possibility of non-action, should contact not be desired.

When I saw the email in my inbox, I was quite surprised. Oh, sure, my email address is out there on the 'net. I try to keep my site off most search engines (doesn't always work, judging by the spiders that crawl my site), but the only email addresses that are public are the one on my resume, the one on the about page and the one from the BAYU (Bay Area Youth Ultimate) site, off the SFUL site.

In other words, you can find me if you try, but you have to try a little.

The email's subject line was:

    Is this the Kitt...


How many different ways could I finish that sentence for him?

Was this email going to be a dagger through the heart, or an extended hand to connect after, crap, 17 years. 17 years. SEVENTEEN years.

I am officially old enough to call all those high school punks young enough to be my children. I am now officially "an adult."

Of course, I bought a bundt cake pan two weeks ago. That event truly marked my transistion into adulthood. I mean, come on, who buys bundt cake pans? Everyone I know who has one received theirs as a gift from their mothers or mother-in-laws. So, see, I must be one of them! An adult!

But back to high school.

And that email.

So, how could I have finished that email?

Is this the Kitt ...

  • who broke my heart in high school?
  • who my mom still hates after all these years?
  • who geeked out with me in high school?
  • who played baritone in the high school band?
  • who was the high school football manager?
  • who went off to California for college after high school?
  • who dated me?
  • who hung out with Brad, Scott, Jen and me?
  • who was a complete bee-yotch to me our senior year in high school?

Yeah. Any of those would have worked.