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Always about me. Me. ME!

Back in L.A. at one of my jobs, a coworker of mine was generally disliked by all of my other coworkers. For the most part, she was a very nice person. Unfortunately, she had one unpleasant trait: she had to one-up everyone. Not just most people, but everyone. And not just most of the time, but all the time. It drove every single person in the office nuts.

So, here's my fear.

That I've become that coworker.

When I'm in a group setting, and someone tells a story, I often find myself saying, "Yeah, yeah, I've had that experience, too! And here's another tidbit!" At what point do I stop commiserating and just shut up and listen?

I almost think I've lost my ability to socialize. Programming isn't exactly a social activity (but, damn, working with Mike and Chris is fun!), but hanging out with friends helps a lot. Playing ultimate helps a lot.

And listening (listening!) helps the most.

Just let me not become that hated coworker.