Email for abs

Date:   	Thu, 14 Apr 2005 10:06:19 -0700
From:  	Kitt Hodsden 
Subject:  	[MisChiEf] Don't wait until practice...

Hi, all,

You don't have to wait until practice to work your abs.
Daily ab exercises will strengthen your core muscles,
making throwing, jumping and even running easier.

Our ab workout is currently 30 seconds of each of

1. bicycles
2. russian crunches
3. V-ups
4. side to sides
5. chest passes with a partner
6. overhead passes with a partner
7. presses
8. supermans

4-7 are done with a weighted ball at practice.  Use whatever
weight you have handy: a can of soup, a phone book, hand
weights.  But don't throw them for 5 & 6!  If you don't have
a partner, do the exercises but without throwing - you'll
still benefit.

If the workout is getting too easy for you, bump up the time
to 45 seconds each or more, increase the weight or add
additional exercises.

I purchased the medicine balls we use at practice at  They aren't cheap, but I like them
a lot.  I recommend the 8# as a general weight for men (you
can do the exercises at an incline to increase the effect)
or 6# for women.

Consistancy is good preparation.

Email me with an questions or recommendation needs.



Date:   	Thu, 14 Apr 2005 14:11:16 -0700
From:  	Lisa Timmins 
To:  	Kitt Hodsden 
Subject:  	Re: [MisChiEf] Don't wait until practice...

In addition to working the six-pack abs and external obliques, I also
*highly* recommend the "plank" core exercises, to work the deeper,
stabilizer abdominals (transverse abdominis and internal obliques):
Prone plank:
Side-lying plank:

Before getting too deep into the season, it is SO important to
establish the stable foundation that will allow for optimal gains in
strength and power while minimizing injury -- and that is all about
strength and endurance in the core.  Flexibility helps, too.  Deal
with any muscle imbalance/compensation issues now (with a stretching
program) and you can prevent injuries later.

OK, off the soap box now.  Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks :-)