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Pets can be entertaining. No, really.

Many studies have been published recently that show pets are good for their owners health. People who had to speak in public, for example, had less (dis-)stress if they were able to stroke their pets before speaking. Pet owners have lower blood pressure overall. Blah blah blah.

This kind of calming effect is, however, seen only when there is both an affinity for the type of animal, and some sort of positive bond between the pet and the owner. This bond is most typically seen when the owner chooses the pet, instead of having it foisted upon him (say in the case of marriage or other live-in relationship).

Well known is my struggle with Kris' dogs.

Oh, so now they're Kris' dogs, eh?

Well, for this moment, yes.

I'm not a dog person. I'm a cat person. I like cats. Cats are cute. They're cuddly. They're quiet. Except for their litter boxes and their butts, they smell good. They're small. In every way they are superior to dogs.

However, Kris is a dog person. And this round (this round!), Kris chose the pet. We have dogs. And they annoy me. They hover around me whenever I'm in the kitchen. They never quite beg, but they definite whine for food when Kris isn't looking. They vomit on the floor. They pee in the bed. Yes, that's right, our dogs pee in the bed. And the scrounging. Argh!

So, best to make the most of the situation, right?

I've recently trained Annie to dash out of her crate, spin a circle and dash back into her crate before she gets her food. Her dashing is hysterical. She surprised me by running around me this evening. Oh, so entertaining.

Better yet, while making my smoothie today, I offered Bella the yogurt container. She was far too tentative about the container, so I offered it to Annie. When she, too, was too dainty with the container, I shoved it onto her nose.


Ah, much more entertaining.