Give yourself freedom to fail

This week's instant karma is from page 246:

Give yourself freedom to fail.

Something I used to rarely do, I'm afraid, but that I'm starting to do more.

No one is successful in everything. No matter how gifted, talented, skilled, intelligent or coordinated someone is, he will fail at something at some point. Anyone who doesn't fail can't possibly be fully challenging himself.

At SFUL last night I allowed myself the freedom to fail, and threw some throws that I wouldn't throw in a Mischief game, or even in practice.

And yet they still completed.

Go fig.

This is definitely where I've been going for a while now: forgiving myself, encouraging myself, trying new things (say, singing in a Viking Operetta, or hitting a baseball in a batting cage), allowing myself to look like a complete idiot in order to learn something new.

And this is a good thing. Because in trying, we grow.