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Sam visits, day 2

Good lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Okay, so, for the record, any woman that says she wants a child is clearly uninformed.

And any woman who claims to be informed and still wants a child is clearly insane.

Day two of Sam-a-rooni's visit has been progressing nominally okay. I did have to call Mom today, though, in order to get myself out of a jam with Sam that I had, well, in all honesty, gotten myself into in the first place.

This morning we made waffles for breakfast. When Sam woke up at 7:40 this morning (glory, hallelujah, he slept in past 6:30 am!), he leaned over to wake me up. How that kid slept through Bella's barking, Kris' tripping over the folding chairs in the hallway, my hushing the dogs, and my neighbors carousing outside his window, I'll never know.

We went to purchase buttermilk for the waffles at the Safeway.


Turns out, Safeway's buttermilk is packaged in medium green packaging. The low-fat milk is also packaged in green, but a slightly lighter green. The Safeway employees have a habit of misplacing the low-fat milk with the buttermilk. Worse, they stack them on the buttermilk. So, when I find the buttermilk and reach for the one on top, I grab the mis-shelved low-fat milk. I've done this twice now, and it annoys me.

Time for a letter to Safeway and Lucerne.

Anyway, after going to Safeway twice, and finally stirring up the waffle batter and making waffles, we finally had breakfast.

While I was cleaning up after breakfast, I heard Sam ask, "What is she doing?"

Puzzled, I walked out to the living room from the kitchen to discover Annie humping Sam's leg.

Well, not really his leg, as Annie is almost as tall as Sam when she stands on her hind legs. I'd say more like, Annie was humping Sam's back.

Not a good sight.

After I knocked Annie off, and sent her to her crate, I had to explain to Sam the reason "Why was she doing that?"

Starting with the pack mentality (which I had explained earlier when Sam had asked why Annie and Bella were in the bed with Uncle Kris, and where did I sleep, and why were they in my bed (come to think of it, why are they in my bed?)), I explained pecking order and top-dog/bottom-dog and animal's desires to dominate each other. Then I explained that since Annie hadn't met him before, she wanted to make him the bottom dog by dominating him.

He seemed to understand, because later he made some comment about Annie being the bottom dog. He then commented, "I like Bella now."