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Knee-deep in Java

I'm knee deep in Java for the first time in a year and a half. Much to my surprise, it's interesting. And even more surprising is that I'm able to follow the client's environment setup. Mike purchased a new development system (Windows XP, bleh), and setting it up has been a bear, but I have to think that's more because of the OS, and less because of the development environment.

The only issues I've had have been not recalling all the setup steps before hand. Instead, I'll do a step, look at the results, realize, oh yeah, I forgot this other step, adjust it, and keep going.

Well, that and the firewall blocking each and every system request. After about an hour, I gave up and just disabled the thing.

So, yeah, it's nice to be able to make progress with the development environment I struggled with years (5 years!) ago.

Of course, Kris can fix any of my problems in five minutes.

Five minutes!